About people: Linux haters

16 11 2010

Yesterday I was talking with a friend about Microsoft promotes code obfuscation for Windows Phone 7 Developers , and this guy came and join the conversation – This guy is a uber-microsoft-blind-fan.
Don’t ask me why, but the conversation eventually went to linux, and how difficult it is to install programs on it – says the guy.
Come on! I think if you consider yourself a programmer you have a clue (you must have) at least the principle or the idea on how to make source code runnable.
In a certain way I understand his way, he is windows developer for the last 10 or 15 years, the only compiler he knows is the visual studio “run” button. Is funny how people consider them selfs programmers for X years (being X a large number) and they don’t give a fuck about technology or truly funny things, like: what is the Doug Lea’s malloc implementation?

Some people seem to have lost the ability to think about problems. The only thing they consider truly important and innovative is make boxes and make text displayable in forms.

This guy just start to use Ubuntu in the last 2 weeks, didn’t give a try on learn it (at least how to compile programs) and is complaining? I think discussing about how Ubuntu is an hard Linux is OK if the other person is a non-CS guy.

This is a common mistake among bad programmers, losing the curiosity to learn and think instinctively that the new thing they are learning not make any sense, because with the language .NET tuti-fruti they do it 10 times better.