Getting Started With Open Source – IBM ebook

14 07 2010

Open source software development is a community-driven methodology to develop products, from the design and development stages to distribution. Developers across differents part of the world are passionate about their collaboration, and several successful projects including Firefox, Moodle, and Drupal are widely used today. Moreover, many companies are using open source software as the foundation to build their business models.

In the last year I have the pleasure to write this book with some friends and IBM staff. As you may know I openly defend Open Source methodologies, especially in the development of software. This have been a great experience, and I’m glad to see this book available to everybody.

You can see the book webpage here, and download the book here.


Livro Getting Started with DB2

18 03 2009

Ao fim de quase um ano de traduções e revisões, já se encontra disponível para download a versão portuguesa do livro Getting Started with DB2. Para todos os que estiverem interessados em começar a aprender DB2 podem desde já fazer o download do livro.