Garrett Lisi: A beautiful new theory of everything

10 04 2009

Antony Garrett Lisi is a theoretical physicist best known for “An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything”. This TED talk is about that theory. Garrett explains how he find this theory. Garrett Lisi has proposed this new “theory of everything” a grand unified theory that explains all the elementary particles, as well as gravity.




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10 04 2009

Gr8 video, good idea.

I’m sorry but i’m still not convinced that String Theory is wrong, but he has some beautiful images though =D

13 04 2009
Ulisses Costa

Lisi says:

In order to get it to work at all, string theorists have to bend over backwards and put in all sorts of things by hand. This is the main warning sign that a theory doesn’t correspond to nature.

in here

I have to say that I don’t understand that much about string theory…

17 07 2009

You are all wrong, the theory of everything is simple, it is evolutionary perspective based and the fact we do not know why we exist. Since we are not advanced enough to realise this fact, then it is likely that things we perceive, as not existing from our perspective, may well exist somewhere. So all we see is our own perspective, as seen on a small planet around a tiny star. What if, everything has a perspective on the Universe? What if, from its perspective it is perfect, like it is for us? How will we ever know this, you ever wondered why we have not found life, it is because our perspective of life is limited. You know why the tiny world is different from the large, because it always is that way from all perspectives, I bet from the perspective of the atom we are like galaxies, or the perspective of the galaxy we are like atoms. Anyway its just a thought 🙂

23 04 2010
Dov Henis

Theory Of Everything Without Strings Attached.
Embarassingly Obvious And Simple.
See the signature links.

Life’s Genesis Was Not Cells But First Gene’s Self Reproduction.
Life Is Just Another Mass Format.

Since July 5 1997 I have developed and been proposing the following scenario of life’s genesis:

* Life’s genesis was not cell(s), but the self reproduction of yet uncelled ungenomed gene(s).

* There was NOT any “Pre-History Of Life” evolving in an archaic pre-modern life cell.

* Cells were definitely NOT life’s genesis. Cells were products of evolution of Earth’s primal organisms, of Earth’s first stratum organisms, the RNA genes that have always been and still are running the show of life, the energy-storing biosphere survival, since Earth life’s day one.

* A gene’s self reproduction was distinctly an evolutionary, enhanced energy constraint event, above the earlier, random, radiated-energy-induced genes formations.

* Every evolutionary step is inherently an event of an enhanced energy constraint.

* Genomes, RNA and DNA, are functional organs evolved by the primary RNA genes. Cell membranes are also functional organs evolved by the primary RNA gene.

* Life is but one of the many many mass formats in the universe, and its evolution is driven as the evolution of all cosmic mass formats, to gain temporary enhanced energy constraint, i.e. to survive as long as possible.

Dov Henis
(Comments From The 22nd Century)
03.2010 Updated Life Manifest
Cosmic Evolution Simplified
Gravity Is The Monotheism Of The Cosmos

This Theory Of Everything, with definition of evolution, covers also ALL aspects of anthropology. DH

TOE: Religion Or Science?

(Fwd from


[quote=BobTS1162939] This is the Theory Of Everything In A Nutshell (TOEIANS):

Basic construction of the universe: 1. Particles 2. Strings 3. Frames.

Each particle has string. They combine with each other into quantum and physical objects.

Particles’ travel along their strings appear to us as: 1. Gravity. 2. Properties. 3. Forces.

String-particle travels/lives within a frame seen as: 1. Waves. 2. Feelings 3. Influence.

Time is a one dimensional string whose constant value is 9. The universe is constructed on the number 3. Time moves outward dragging space with it. This outward expansion causes space which is a string to distort / stretch which we see as repairs / deterioration / aging / etc.. If the strings were decreasing we would see the reverse. Things would essentially become younger until they simply disappeared as opposing to dying / being not repairable as we see / experience now. The development of language and the effort to define things means particles / strings / frames have different names depending on the discipline.[/quote]

II. My comment

A) Since Life is, by our sensory conception, a virtual reality affair, religion is a legitimate virtual reality tool for going through life. But I am not religious. My senses do not become affected by the above TOEIANS. I embarassingly admit that hard as I try I am unable to comprehend the above TOEIANS.

B) My own conception of TOE is scientific, not religious, based strictly on data recorded and observed, of ubiquitous cosmic phenomena. And in presenting my TOE conception I do not deal with mechanisms but with the base processes.

Dov Henis
(Comments From The 22nd Century)

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