Haskell history

27 10 2007

Haskell is so far one of my favorite programming languages, I don’t know if you noticed (lolz). Because it is ease of proof, no side effects, strongly typed, polymorphic, powerful, elegant and so much more.

Yesterday I was searching if there were any report talking about Haskell authors, other than Simon Peyton Jones or Paul Hudak. What I found out much more than I expected. I’ve found the History of Haskell paper. The paper that was published at 3rd History of Programming Language Conference in June 2007.

I start reading immediately, it was fascinating… The paper is a bit long (55 pages in two columns style), but deserves attention. The history is told for those who made History, Simon Peyton Jones, Paul Hudak, John Hughes and Philip Wadler, the main authors.

Haskell principles, ideology, implementations, tools – Haskell world, are in this paper. This document is excellent for those who want to learn Haskell or just know it history.


Haskell Wikipedia entrance





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